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The information contained here will provide you with an idea of the different converters available. We recommend that you contact Allfast directly prior to purchasing a torque converter. Allfast’s staff will help you properly equip your vehicle, preventing expensive trial-by-error methods.


MORE STALL – when standard stall isn’t enough

  • Designed to overcome creeping at idle associated with standard engines fitted with mild camshafts.
  • Stall speeds are increased by altering the vane angle and stator, while torque multiplication remains the same, allowing slightly higher than standard brake stall speeds.
  • Recommended for daily driven cars that are occasionally used for towing.
  • Not recommended for radically cammed or high revving engines.

SUPER SMOKER 11” – the burnout masters choice

  • Designed specifically for burnout competitions.
  • Contains no bearings, and is available with a solid sprag/stator to help drive to reverse gear changes.
  • Super Smoker 11” features special bushes that designed to withstand high temperatures during serious burnout competitions. Don’t smoke your converter – smoke your tyres!

STREET LAUNCH 11” AND SUPER STREET LAUNCH 10” – the original high stalls

  • Used mainly for the street, Street Launch 11” will give you 2000* rpm flash stall.
  • Super Street Launch 10” will provide 2500* rpm flash speed.
  • Highly recommended for daily driven cars fitted with engines under 400ci and mild camshafts.

* Note – as tested with 350ci engine, mild camshaft and 3:1 diff ratio, flash speed will alter with different engine, gearbox and differential combinations.

PRO STREET LAUNCH 9” – the ultimate street high stall

  • Designed as the street able compromise to a full race 8” high stall.
  • Suited to radically cammed small block powered cars running low (3.7:1 plus) rear end ratios.
  • Pro street launch 9” maintains good cruise characteristics, and reasonable trans temperatures
  • The only choice for serious street/strip cars that do get driven on the street.

SLINGSHOT 9.5” AND SUPER SLINGSHOT 8” – the new millennium in high stall technology

  • Slingshot 9.5” has been dyno tested to SAE J64F1 based on 400ft/1b input torque.
  • Stall speeds available from 2300 rpm through to 5400 rpm.
  • State of the art in high stall technology and are available in many different configurations to suit.
  • Super Slingshot 8” is the racers converter.
  • Available in stall speeds from 4500 rpm, the Super Slingshot 8” represents the ultimate naturally aspirated small block or big block converter.
  • New High Torque Super Stator allows our Super Slingshot 8” to produce excellent 60’ times while still maintaining up to 97% lock up.
  • Provides positive launches without sacrificing mph

SUPER STOCK SPECIAL 7” – the extreme converter for the extreme combo

  • High rpm combos need a high rpm high stall, and when an 8” converter isn’t enough, then a 7” is the only choice.
  • Has been used behind 9000+ rpm engines under 300ci, right through to serious 4 cylinder and rotary engines.
  • Suited to radically cammed small cube small block powered light weight cars running ultra low (4.88:1 plus) rear end ratios.
  • Can also help turbo 4 cylinder and rotary cars reach boost quicker, reducing staging times and helping control launch inconsistency.


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